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Rooster and the Elephant

rooster and the elephant
The elephant feared everything, even the frogs cry, until he met the rooster.
baby lion I don't know what to say. I feel so lonely in the wild. Nobody wants to play with me, because I am a lion. Other baby animals keep a safe distance from me because they think that I will attack them.

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Nice dog, he deserves a reward- Greg Story Link || Good elephant is helping poor animals. Nice- Roy Story Link || Funny bunny- Luke Story Link || Make him your friend- Rocky Story Link || Hey, watchout.- Luke Story Link ||

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Investigating A Child Missing Case The dog was searching for the baby rat. The rat mother had filed a child missing case.
The Ant Soldiers And Elephant The curious baby elephant was counting the ants. He was curious to learn what the ants are doing busy all day.
The Duck Who Saved The Deer Some listen, some wont. I must warning you about this pond, about the danger hidden under the water.