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Samba, The Confident Young Lion

Are you crazy?

“It’s time I have to prove myself,” the young lion Simba thought.

The young lion has seen his father fighting with elephants. He wanted to become like his father. So he was waiting for an elephant to come to put his fighting skills into action. He was confident that he could easily fight an elephant.

After waiting for some time, an elephant came that way. The young Samba circled around the elephant without allowing the elephant to move forward.

“Hey, baby, are you crazy? Why are you circling around me?” asked the curious elephant.

“You are in my territory. I am going to fight with you,” shouted the lion.

That made the elephant laugh. But the elephant was not in the mood to fight. After all, Samba was a little guy before the big elephant. So the elephant just ignored Samba and moved forward.

“Suddenly, Samba tried to grab the elephant on its hind leg. The elephant got angry, took Samba with its trunk, and threw him away. It was totally unexpected for Samba. He got injured from the fall and walked away with painful legs.

Back home, the young Samba told his father about his fight with the elephant.

“My dear son, you are too young to fight. You have to learn a lot of things in the wild. It’s dangerous if you make a false move. You are in luck today because the elephant just ignored you,” said Samba’s father.

Samba understood what his problem was. He was overconfident.

“Father, I will never be overconfident,” Samba said.

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