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Animal Stories For Children

Here are a bunch of animal stories for kids. All these stories are free to browse. Hope you will enjoy reading it. monkey and the elephant

A Banana Adventure

The Elephant, Dog, and the Monkey babies were friends studying in the same school. Monkey and the elephant were big fans of ripe yellow bananas. One summer afternoon, the monkey said that he found out a banana plantation in the valley. Read More....

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Other Stories

The Lion Is Here Baby rabbit became a hero. The way he dealt with the lion made him a hero. Look what he did!
Should I Go Or Not? The hen asked hare's opinion about the initiation she got from the fox.
Don't Let Me Down! The old car and the cat were friends for a long time. But one day they got separated from each other. It's a story about an abandoned house, an abandoned car and a silly cat.
Happy Donkey The donkey was happy because he got a special privilege, no other donkey who ever lived on earth had.
Horse Or Ostrich? An ostrich and a wild horse once organized the race. The purpose of the race was to let the world know that who's the fastest animal on the earth.
Playing Smart On The Fox The fox was curious about the rabbits. He wanted to know what they were talking. When he heard what they were talking, he got shocked!
Shall We Go Now? The tiger wanted to lure the cow to the forest. He thought it was easy, but the cow was clever.
Monkey And The Cow The cow and monkey became friends. The cow admired the monkey's ability to jump from one tree to another. "You do that amazingly well," said the cow.
Unexpected Escape Route The deer saw the window of opportunity when the lion asked him about his newborns. He praised the newborn babies and said how cute they are.
Rogue Elephant Of The National Park The small boy smiled at the elephant like there were friends for long years. The elephant also smiled at him.