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This is a story website for children. All the artwork you will find in this website is original. created from scratch. Read to your heart's content, stories about animals that are both entertaining and educative. Hope you will enjoy reading this website. Have a great day!

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The Monkey Who Helped Elephants

monkey sitting on the back of an elephant
The hot summer forced the elephant to walk the desert in search of water. He was determined to find water for his community.
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Book Reviews From Good Reads

It's the morning after the big storm. Adam and his dog, Up, are finishing breakfast when Adam sees the mayor on TV asking everyone to pitch in with the cleanup. She says, “Now, it's time to get to work. Up and at 'em!” When Adam hears the mayor tell him and Up to get to work, he's on it! “We can help!” he says. All day, the pair do what they can Read More...

Other Stories

The King Is In Meditation This lion is doing medication, which is unusual for a lion.
Newspaper Rabbit And Fox The fox wanted to trap the rabbit. But the rabbit knew about the fox, read about him in the newspaper.
Cat And The Baby Elephant The baby elephant and the cat went for fishing. But not everything went smooth as per their plan. The baby elephant saved the cat from drowning.