Read Children's Stories Of Animals

Animals have a heart too! On this free children's stories website, there are hundreds of free children's stories crafted around animals. The stories that will entertain children to grow creatively. Hope you'll enjoy reading these stories.

Ripple Artist Elephant And The Swan

elephant and the swan in the water

I Love Doing This!

After a hard day of work, the elephant was in the lake enjoying a cool bath. “One, two, three, the elephant was counting the ripples he was making in the water. The elephant was an expert in making ripples in the lake by hitting his trunk on the water. The circles he made in the water made him happy. 

A swan was also swimming in the lake. The ripples the elephant was making in the water made the swan angry because the swan couldn’t swim th Read More...

Book Review From Good Reads

An ode to the girl with scrapes on her knees and flowers in her hair, and every girl in between, this exquisite treasury will appeal to readers of Dear Girl and I Am Enough and have kids poring over it to find a poem that's just for them.

I am a canvas
Being painted on
By the words of my family
And community

From Vanessa Brantley-Newton, the author of Grandma's Purse, comes a collection of poetry filled with engaging mini-stories about girls of all kinds: girls who feel happy, sad, scared, powerful; girls who love their bodies and girls who don't; country girls, city girls; girls who love their mother and gi Read More...

Read A Cat Story

Mission Bingo is a great cat story for children that tells how the friendship between a cat and a girl grew. Little girl Andrea met Bingo at the park. At first, he was indifferent, but after a few attempts, he began to speak. Andrea was excited to hear about Bingo's story. It was a long story of hardship the cat had to face, separated from his dear family, but the story ends with a happy note. Hope you will enjoy the story. Link for the kindle version is here

Other Stories

Tiger Cub And The Bear His mom and dad praised their cub for the smartness he shown hiding from the bear.
The Bird Who Sailed Liked A Duck The duck challenged the bird whether he can sail in the water like the duck was doing.
Elephant Bath Story The bird saw the elephant taking bath in the river. She waited there patiently, but the elephant was taking too much time.
You Have Got A Pricey Catch Smart fox get its food by praising others!
Get That Out Of Your Head Mr. Lion The lion worried that the new lion will take kingship from him. Then he saw the elephant.

This Baby Turtle Is Visiting His Parents For The First Time!

happy baby turtle

It was a long long wait after little turtle took birth on the seashore. His dad and mom are waiting anxiously to receive their beloved son. See how happy he is! Read the story Turtle and her children.