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Animal tales, illustrated for young readers.

Welcome to Giftsspace, where we bring children’s imaginations to life with engaging stories and adorable animal characters, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

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Milo, The Ape, Built A Home

cartoon of an ape in his newly built house.
Milo the monkey wanted to dwell like humans. So he decided to build a house, and there he goes, gathering woods from the forest. Read More
Crocodile's Invitation Daisy, the cow, saw the crocodile's invitation tempting, and she decided to go with him to cross the river to reach the promised land.
Give Me The Way Two bulls faced each other on a narrow log bridge over the floodwaters flowing underneath.
Life Out Of The Cattleshed Thw cow managed to escape the cattleshed. The fresh air out of the cattleshed made her feel like she was in the heaven.