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Animal tales, illustrated for young readers.

Welcome to Giftsspace, where we bring children’s imaginations to life with engaging stories and adorable animal characters, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

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Please Join Me For A Game Of Football

elephant and the lion playing football
Bably elephant loves to play football, inviting the lion king to play with him.

Book Reviews From Good Reads

Drawing on the experiences of his Vietnamese American family and his love of ’80s sci-fi shows, Jonathan Hill crafts a funny, insightful graphic novel about the immigrant experience and the perils of middle school.

Threatened with diminishing resources, Booger Lizk’t and his family flee their lizard community deep below Earth’s crust to survive above among humans. The Lizk’t family of Elberon now passes as the Tomkins family of Eagle Valley. “Tommy Tomkins” wears a Read More...
Donkey And The Cat The cat asked the donkey to help him out of the home he was living. The donkey agreed and asked the cat to hide inside a bag.
The Fearless Guy The lion was struck in fear. It didn't expect the deer standing still even after hearing his power roar.
Caught In Action The leopard chasing a rabbit lost its prey. Thanks to the wildlife photographers.