Bear Mother Going To The Doctor


bear mother and child

Don’t cry baby, You’ll be alright soon

The bear mother has lost all her peace of mind today. It’s about her cub she is worried. Her cute cub is very sick. He was very smart running here and there, chasing the butterflies, but now he is too tired even to walk. Like any other bear mother, the bear mother is very possessive about the newborn. She has been vigilant ever since he was born, staying awake during nights to protect him from dangers of the outside world, especially bear hunters and other bears who trespasses her territory.

After the torrential rains last week, the bear baby suffers from severe cold. Every time her baby coughs, the mother bear’s heartbeat also rises, because she loves her son very much. She is rushing him to the doctor to get the treatment as fast she could.  Let’s hope he will be alright soon.

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