Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

lonely bird

I Feel Lonely!

I Am Roaming The World

I Am Too Happy!

Funny Animal Stories

Jingo the fire fighter elephant is always busy. He is the one and the only fire fighter in the jungle who puts down fire. He has his long trunk to spray water on the fire to put it down!

Here are some great animal stories for children free to read. The dancing elephants, cunning foxes, innocent rabbits, all of them you'll find here. Read and tell us in your comments what do you think about each story. Thank you.

How To Welcome A Stranger

The dog got a surprise that afternoon. A big tiger appeared before him. "I have to do something to get rid of him immediately, children are sleeping. The dog carefully planned the course of action to deal with the tiger.Read the story.

A Snowtime Love Story Of Two Deers

snow deersWe don't know what will happen next in our life. Unexpected events could become a turning point in our life. Sometimes it's for good, and sometimes it's for bad. Here is such a romantic deer story!
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Our Other Stories

tiger sailing in the boat alone
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