Frog, The Egg Keeper


goose and frog

Don’t worry about your eggs. While I am here nobody will ever dare to touch your precious eggs.

It was her first pair of eggs Ms. Goose laid that fine morning. These eggs are precious, my babies are inside it, she said to herself. So she wanted to protect the eggs from the predators. She sought the help from one of her best friend, Mr. Frog who came that way. Goose explained her situation to the frog. “Don’t worry, I will make sure that nobody touches your precious eggs,” the frog assured the bird. “Ok, thanks, buddy. You are so kind and helpful,” the goose told the frog and went to the lake.
Mr. Frog, with his watchful eyes, guarded the eggs.  One day, a snake came to eat the eggs. The frog was fearful about the snake because it can swallow him. He was a yellow snake with a long body. Mr.Frog had no clue what to do in order to save the eggs from the prying eyes of the snake. Suddenly he had an idea.  He knew that there was a loudspeaker left by hunters.  He went and sat at the back of loudspeaker and with all his strength made a noise. “Chrome, Chrome, the sound from the loudspeaker was too loud that snake got almost fainted. He left the scene immediately. 

After a few days, the eggs were broken and small goose babies emerged from the eggs. Ms.Goose thanked Frog for protecting her eggs. The mother and child went to the lake happy.

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