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Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

baby elephant walking with her mother Lost child is a story of a baby elephant who lost his mother for a while. No problem, he got a timely help from a little bird. The little bird assisted the baby to find his mother. Read the story here.

Children should be reading about animals. Because animal kingdom teaches us a lot. Each animal has its own peculiarities and specialties, strength and weaknesses.

An Elephant On The Run

One fine morning a dog saw an elephant. He was desperate to hide somewhere. "Hey there, what are you doing here? You are not supposed to be on the streets," the dog said to the elephant.

"Hi buddy, I just got myself freed from the circus tent. I wanted to get away from the circus, to live a peaceful life. Can you please help me out by showing me a place to hide?" the elephant requested the dog. The dog took pity on the elephant. "I will help you out, but where can I hide you, you have got such a big body that makes it impossible to hide you," said the dog. The dog started to think about how he can help out the miserable animal standing before him.

The dog took the elephant to the village border. After crossing the border the elephant can reach a forest. Once he is in the forest, nobody can ever find him out.

"Ok my dear friend, now you are your own. Wish you peaceful life ahead," said the dog. The elephant thanked the dog for helping him out, tears flowing from his eyes. He disappeared into the forest and the dog walked to his home.

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