Baby elephant and a cat in the park

Baby Elephant In The Park

The baby elephant was visiting the park for the first time. He looked around and wondered what to do with the different playthings he saw scattered around. He didn’t know what to do in the park. He saw a cat playing in the park. The cat came to him.

“Hey baby, why are you not playing? There is a lot of things one can do in a park. See that sliding thing? You can try that first,” the cat encouraged the baby elephant to try out the different things the park had. He gave the baby elephant the instructions to slide down from a slide. Read More....

Book Review From Good Reads

Through 25 whimsical projects, from an Explorer's Satchel to a Pirate Play Tent, get all the know-how you need to create a world that captures the freedom of childhood, timeless fun, and adventure--templates and patterns included.
     Belle is a little girl with a brown bob, the odd scratch on her knee, and an insatiable curiosity about the natural world, while her pet rabbit, Boo, a flopsy brown bunny, is her faithful friend and confidant. Along with their many friends, BelleRead More...

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happy baby turtle

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