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Children learn a lot from observing those funny animals. Children love animals and their stories, no doubt about it. These stories help children create their own world where they find everything about animals interesting and exciting.

Find best stories for children who love to read. Find here some funny animal stories for children of all ages designed for easy reading. Most of these stories are about animals and their behavior. Sometimes animals behave like humans.

It's so funny to observe these animals in the lap of nature, doing funny things in their own way. Hope you will find our website interesting. Your feedback is important to us!

The Monkey Who Lost Its Balance

baby monkey hanging from a tree

Little Monkey Adventure

Marquee, the baby monkey, was an expert in the art of tree jumping.  It was a cute little monkey, loved by all.

One day, the baby lost its balance when it jumped from one tree to the other fell to the ground.  Luckily, he was not injured. Because the baby made a safe landing on the top of a bear sleeping under the tree. The annoyed bear woke up, saw the monkey, and was angry.

“Are you trying to attack me? You know, I can throw Read More...

Book Review From Good Reads

This title is a tribute to the resourcefulness of children who have no toys, but continue to play and is dedicated to the 200,000 refugee children living at the Bidibidi settlement in Uganda. Publisher’s profits from When Water Makes Mud are being donated to UNICEF.Read more

Read A Cat Story

Mission Bingo is a great cat story for children that tells how the friendship between a cat and a girl grew. Little girl Andrea met Bingo at the park. At first, he was indifferent, but after a few attempts, he began to speak. Andrea was excited to hear about Bingo's story. It was a long story of hardship the cat had to face, separated from his dear family, but the story ends with a happy note. Hope you will enjoy the story. Link for the kindle version is here

Other Stories

Frog Matters This frog loves its forglife in the pond. He will not trade it for anything, even for a luxurious bunglaow, he says.
A Long Way To Go, The Traveller Rabbit Traveller rabbit
This Tiger Is Just Being Alert! This tiger became alert hearing something unusual.
Introducing You The Hippo Beauty I am happy to introduce you the hippo beuaty to all of you.
Angry Tiger I am angry because, a fool rabbit fooled me with his theory. I should not have listened to him!

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