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bird and snake

It’s time to settle down building a home

The sun was setting down turning the blue sky into orange. A bird was flying home. It’s time to settle down with a new home, she thought. A good house, a secure place to lay her eggs, which she can call a beautiful home, where her kids can grow up safe.

Flying over the beachside, she saw a big tree. That was a cool location, which she thought to be an ideal place. But before she could start the construction, she had to seek permission from the yellow snake, the owner of the tree. He was living inside a big hole in the tree. “Anybody at home?” the bird knocked at the door. The long yellow snake came out. “Good morning. Can I build my nest on this beautiful tree?” the bird asked him. “Sure, why not, this tree is yours too. You can build your nest on this tree,” the snake replied.

The bird started building her nest on the top of the tree. Painstakingly, she brought the materials from far away places to build her nest. She collected straw and other things required. After three days of hard labor, there it was. A beautiful nest, which she could call her home. She was quite happy, laid the eggs in her new home. The yellow snake was watching everything from his home.

One day, while the bird was out, the yellow snake reached to her eggs. He was hungry, so he ate one egg, it tasted too good to resist eating them. One by one, the yellow snake ate all the eggs. In the evening when the bird was back, she was shocked seeing the empty nest.

The next morning, the bird checked the place for any proof about the missing eggs. She found the eggshells lying near the snake hole. She doubted that the snake was eating all her eggs, but now it is confirmed.

After a few hours, the snake came out of its hole. The bird had her friend, a vulture standing ready to kill the snake. The moment the snake was out, the vulture grabbed him by his neck and flew away. She killed the snake by dropping him onto a rock. Now the bird was happy at last. Now she can safely lay eggs and have kids.

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