Do You Know Me? I Am Your Heart


Human Heart

You should know me but you have never seen me. Because I am inside you always ticking doing my duty with due diligence. I do all the heavy lifting inside human body pumping lifeblood to reach every nook and corner of your body where your veins are connected. Always on high alert I will never stop even for a second in your whole lifetime. When you goes to a hospital, doctors uses a stethoscope to check my condition. If my beat is down or high they are on alert.

I have been given a big responsibility by God. I will never take a holiday in my lifetime to keep you going.  When you are happy, I am happy when you are sad I am sad. When you are excited, I am excited when you are disappointed I am disappointed. Yes, you guessed it right. I am your heart working hard to keep you alive.I just wanted to let you know that I am here. Thanks for reading me.

Smoky is a steam engine who loved to travel. Read about the smoky adventures.