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Hippo And The Bird

It's a long summer! I can't bear it!

As usual, the bird found the hippo in the water.

“Hey, something is worrying you. I can tell you that from your face. What happened?” asked the bird.

“My huge body can’t bear the heat. The summer is hard to survive without water. That is why I spend most of my time in water. I am worried what will happen to me if it is not raining. This long summer is driving me crazy,” said the worried hippo.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Hippo. I saw some clouds gathering in the sky. Also, my friend, a little green frog said that it is going to rain soon.  He has some special talent to predict when it is going to rain,” said the bird.

“Really? I am happy to hear the good news about the rain,” said the hippo.

“Ok, Hippo, let me leave now. I will come again tomorrow. I hope the rain will come soon to cool you down,” said the bird and flew away.

The hippo waited for the rain. Soon, the hippo heard a frog cry followed by the heavy rain poured in. The river was filled with water, and the hippo was hhappy. He thanked God for the timely rain.

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