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Song Of The Forest

Let's go and find out who the musician is!

Two friends, an elephant and a lion, was talking when they heard a beautiful piece of music from a distance.

“Hey, did you hear that? Who is making such beautiful soothing music?” asked the lion.

“Yes, I am also curious to learn who is behind such a beautiful song. Let’s go and find out who the musician is! Let’s go and meet him,” the elephant said.

The lion and the elephant walked deep into the forest to find out who was the musician. They were walking to the direction the music was coming from.

After covering valleys, and mountains, the lion and the elephant reached a place where they found plenty of bamboo on a riverside. “The musician is somewhere here. But where is he?” they wondered. Then elephant noticed something. The music comes whenever the wind blows through the bamboo reeds.

“Wow, we found the musician. It’s the music bamboo makes when the wind blows through it. Let’s spend some time here listening to this great bamboo music,” said the elephant. The lion and the elephant spent some time listening to the bamboo music.


It's nature's music.

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