Never Do This To You!

The elephant had a bad habit of telling big stories about him, doing big things. Whoever passes him will have to stop before him to hear his story. This attitude made others treat him with less respect.

“Hey beauty,  don’t just walk away, I have something important to tell you. The other day a lion was here, and we had a big fight. The lion was stronger than I thought. He jumped up on me. Can you guess who won the fight?” the elephant asked the dog. “You are the winner, no doubt about it,” said the dog. “There you are, I know you are a smart dog. I was the winner.  I threw the lion away,” the elephant said. The dog laughed at him.

I Saw That Movie

“Hey fool, I saw this movie on TV last week, an elephant fights with the lion and threw him away. I suppose you also might have seen that movie and made this new story placing yourself as a hero, don’t you?. Don’t tell such silly stories, better show me what you can do, or else keep silent,” the dog said as he walked away.

When people tell big stories about themselves, they think they will be respected. But just the opposite will happen.

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