Baby Deer Is Smart And Alert


Baby deer hiding inside a bush

The drumbeats became louder and louder. Baby deer heard the sound from a distance. The deer became alert. Her ears became straight to capture anything that is wrong. She grew curious about what is happening. Is there going to be a dance party? She loved dancing.  But a second thought struck her mind. Her mom told her stories about those hunters making all sorts of traps to attract animals to hunt them easy.

Anyway, she didn’t want to take any chance to satisfy her curiosity. “Whatever it is, I can found it later. Now it’s time to escape,” the deer reasoned. She acted smart, she ran as fast as she could to her home.

Later she learned the frightful news, many poor animals shot dead by the merciless hunters. If the deer had wasted time to learn the truth about the drumbeats, she would have been one of those dead animals. She was grateful for her mother about the great advice she received that saved her from the cruel hunters.

Sometimes curiosity kills. Stay away from danger, always be alert. If you sense trouble, just run away. Be Smart!