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The Monkey Who Helped Elephants

Where is water?

After walking for the past few days, the elephant was too tired. The elephant stood under a tree to save himself from the hot sun. He was on a mission to find water for his community.

All the waterbodies in the forest have dried up, leaving the elephants in a dangerous situation. Their life was in danger. 

The elephant had a hard time walking under the hot sun. But there was no other way. Somehow the elephant has to find water for his community. The elephant was determined.

The tree, elephant was standing under, was inhabited by several monkeys. One of the curious monkeys asked the elephant why the elephant was there. The elephant said it was a mission to find water.

“I know a place where you will get plenty of water. Let me take you there,” said the monkey.

“Get on, have a seat on my back.  I will go wherever you will lead me. Let’s go there before it is sunset,” said the elephant.

The elephant walked with the monkey on its back. Soon, the elephant and the monkey reached a river, which had crystal clear water flowing. The very sight of the river made the elephant dance with joy. The elephant drank plenty of water from the river.

“Thank you, my dear friend. You saved my life and my community. Let me go and share this good news with my herd and take them to this place,” said the elephant.

After a few days, the elephant came with a herd of elephants. All the elephants enjoyed drinking the water from the river. As a token of appreciation, the elephant had brought bananas for the monkey who helped find the waterbody.

The monkey thanked the elephants for the sweet and tasty bananas, shared the bananas with all his friends. Everybody was happy.  The elephant herd decided to stay back on the riverside until the summer was over. 

Now every summer, the elephants come to the riverside and bring a lot of bananas to the monkeys.

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