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The Flying Dog Adventure


dog fling in hot air balloon

Have you ever seen a dog flying alone? Yes, it happened a cute little dog Barky. One day the little dog Barky saw a big basket near his cage. Thinking that the basket will have something to eat, he got inside into the basket. Inside the basket, he was surprised to see that it is a place he can call his home. “Thank god, this is such a lovely place, it’s going to be my home,” he thought.  Little did he know that the basket was a part of the hot air balloon.

Tada, his eyes popped up. It was a big feast to his eyes. He was happy to see food items scattered around. So he began to taste them one by one.  It’s been a few hours since he was in the basket. After lunch, he slept inside the basket. A loud sound awakened him. The rope that tied the hot air balloon to the ground has been broken. The hot air balloon started flying so the dog too. He began to be airlifted.

The airlifted dog started flying away from his home village. It was a hilarious experience for him. When he looked down, he saw mountains, clouds, rivers, and meadows. At first, it was exciting, but when he realized that the hot air was taking him to a new place, he got frightened. There was nobody to help him to land safely. It’s been a few hours since he started flying. The meadows, mountains have been replaced with skyscrapers and buildings. Yes, he was flying over a big city.

The city people saw the dog in the hot air balloon were excited. They saw the dog and wondered how the dog was flying around. They laughed and cried at the dog with excitement. The news that a dog is flying in was live on Television. More and more people gathered to see the flying dog. He became a hero. Finally,  the balloon landed near the city hall. People were gathered to see the new hero of the town. The dog was happy to be grounded. One small boy loudly declared “the flying dog is here” and that became his new name for the rest of his life.

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