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The Giraffe Assistant

I have a special request

Once upon a time in the forest, a giraffe spotted a lion approaching. “Is he going to attack me?” the giraffe worried. The lion came closer, and the giraffe felt too scared to run.

But the lion, known as the Lion King, had a special request. “Can you please help me safeguard my kingdom?” he asked.

“How can I help you?” the curious giraffe replied.

“You have a long neck, and you can see things far away. If you see anything unusual moving around, just let me know,” said the lion.

“Sure,” said the giraffe, and he began his duty. Soon, a small deer appeared in the distance.

“Hey King, I see a deer a little way off. He looks harmless, but I’m just reporting what I see,” the giraffe diligently reported.

The lion immediately chased after the deer. However, the deer sensed the lion and quickly escaped. The giraffe then realized the lion’s sneaky plan: he was using the giraffe as a hunting assistant. “I’ll teach this bad lion a lesson,” the giraffe thought.

Before long, a big elephant came into view. “Hey King, I see another deer,” the giraffe called out.

The lion jumped up, ready to chase, but instead saw the huge elephant. Oops! The lion had no way to escape. The elephant, annoyed by the lion’s antics, gently but firmly tossed him away.

Other animals came to know about the clever giraffe who got rid of the lion. They made giraffe their next king.

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