Missing Boy!

groaning bear
Where are you my boy?

Why this bear is crying? Any mother would do that if she found that her child is missing. So she is a loving mother who cares for her kids. She looked around for her boy, but there was no trace of him. “He is lost somewhere in the woods, I must go and search for him,” the bear mother started her search for the missing bear cub.

Don’t worry, we are also mothers, we understand your pain and soon will find him out

Groaning all the way, the bear mother walked around searching for the missing boy.  “Hey, why are you groaning? My kids are sleeping. What’s wrong with you?” a tigress appeared from nowhere questioned the bear. “Please forgive me, I am groaning, because my child is missing since morning, and am searching for him,” the bear said. “Oh, I am sorry, let me see how I can help you,” the tigress joined the search, together they began to search for the bear cub. They went deep into the jungle.

They met an elephant mother. When she learned about the missing boy, she also joined the search team, together they searched every nook and corner they are familiar with. “If we couldn’t find him before it’s evening, I think he will be missing forever,” said the bear mother. “Don’t worry, we are also mothers, we understand your pain and soon will find him out,” consoled the elephant and the tiger.

tigress walking“Hey what is there shining light? Let me climb the mountain and have a look,” said the tigress. The tigress climbed the mountain and looked around. She saw a very shocking scene. Some hunters were tented in the valley. In a cage, she saw the captivated bear cub along with several other animals. The tigress informed the bear and the elephant mothers what she just saw.

“Hey, let’s be patient, wait for the night. It’s not good we go right away, as the hunters must have guns with them, and they will kill us all,” said the elephant. It was night, the three animals made a sudden entry to the hunter’s tent and made a big scene over there. The hunters were shocked by the sudden attack and had to flee the place. The elephant smashed the cage and freed the bear cub. The other animals also were freed. The bear mother was very happy, said thanks to the elephant and tigress and they went happy with the bear cub. See, how compassion and teamwork can make miracles!

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