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Children's stories help children to come in terms with the real world, to equip them for the future. Here are some interesting stories for kids. Animals doing funny things. Trains, planes everything kids would like to read.

You Have A Post, The Monkey Postman
The Monkey Coach
The Busy Fox Doctor
Ducks Playing Hide And Seek
The Fantastic Rabbit Family And The Lion
Overly Concerned Jack The Fox
Never Get Distracted
Max's Funny Adventure: A Tale of Friendship in the Forest
You Are My Precious Baby
Baby Bear With A Guitar
Frog Who Mocked The Duck
These Beavers, They Are Building A Dam
Robo and the Wise Frog: A Stormy Lesson in Friendship
Fox's First Solar Eclipse
The New Hippo And The Crocodile
A Camel Back Adventure
Bored Hippo In The River
Frog And The Duck Story - In Search Of A Pond
The Wolves and the Lost Pup
There Is A Tiger On The Tree
Tiger In The Zoo And A Rat
Wisdom Of An Old Monkey
Respect Each Other The Elephant and the Bird
Milo and the Red Umbrella
The Unexpected Mercy
The Humbling of the Mighty Lion
Preparing For The Flood
Bird And The Tiger Cub
Three Monkey Dancers
Elephant Shopping Cartoon
The Bunny Trainer
Old Leopard And The Bird
How The Frog's Curiosity Ended With Him
Story Of A Globetrotter Bear
A Candlelight Dinner
How Can She Be In Peace When A Bad Neighbor Is Around?
Where Is My Child?
I Love Snow
I Am Sure He'll Come Back
End Of A Funny Race
Helpful Bear And Baby Elephant
Missing Diamond Necklace
The Frog Prank
Open Your Mouth Baby
Stunt Biker
Bear Fishing
The Rabbit Teacher
Tiger And The Fox
Silly Frog Chronicles
The Croc Guru And The Lion